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We are a professional manufacturer and exporter and our expertise in Sheep Finished Leather.All skins are drum salted or dry salted and carefully selected for double face, car seat covers, paint rollers and linings Sheep skin from merino sheep Dorper sheepskin also available “Our product line has grown from a handful of sheepskin coats to over 1,000 styles of quality sheepskin, leather and fur products all with the Overland stamp of excellence,” Roger continues. “Our small family-shop atmosphere will always remain the backbone of our business. We are pleased to offer quality, lasting products, in timeless designs and sustainable materials, with exceptional personalized service.”
Goatskin is an extremely flexible and resistant material, which allows, after being subjected to curing and manufacturing processes, to be worked and manipulated to be used in different ways, in the confection and manufacture of various pieces, from clothing to industrial uses. We can commonly see purses, wallets and cases made with tanned goatskin; also, due to the fineness of this leather, it is used in the footwear industry for high quality footwear, leather gloves, and for the binding of books, encyclopedias and all kinds of publications of very high quality. For those who are new to the world of leather, tanning is the process by which animal skins are transformed into a material called leather, which is preserved over time with characteristics such as flexibility, strength and beauty, and is known as Peletería the establishment in which clothing and other quality leather goods are made or sold.
Camels have sweat glands distributed throughout their skin, from which water removes body heat through evaporation, Our Camel Skins are a great treat for your pooch. Made from 100% Camel, with nothing artificial, they are exceptionally long lasting, high protein, and completely natural healthy treats for dogs of all sizes! As a novel protein, camel makes the perfect alternative to traditional beef and chicken chews for dogs with allergies.


Sheepskin or shearling is the sheep
hide with the fur left on. Sheep
leather has the fur
removed before tanning.


Goat leather, also called Morocco
leather, is a type of leather made
from the hide of a goat. It is usually
soft and flexible and, at the same time, strong and hard-wearing.


Camels have sweat glands distributed throughout their skin, from which water removes body heat through evaporation,